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Control and Expectations Be Gone!

As I get older, I start to realize that the things that used to be important to me are not the most important any more. Funny how that happens.

Growing up, I felt that I had to control many things in my life. I never took a risk! Maybe that is why I became a volunteer Firefighter for 6 years, maybe that is why I became an umpire. I don’t know. However, all I know is that at that time in my life, control served a purpose.

As of now, Control does not serve any purpose. What is it doing to me? CONTROL is STRESSING ME OUT! It is creating a spare tire around my tummy, which I am not thrilled about. It is making me cranky, and very tired. Last week, I decided that I am going to let go! I am going to trust that where I work, everyone is doing what they need to do in their departments. I am going to trust my kids will make the right choices for themselves. I am going to trust my boyfriend is doing what he needs to do in order to live the life he wants to live.

I am giving up control and expectations. Now I know you might be thinking, expectations? Don’t you need some expectations in life? Yes, I believe you do! I believe it is okay to expect someone to treat you the way you think you deserve. That expectation I am not going to give up. My expectations that I will be giving up is the expectations of others and how they “should” act or “should” know. Sometimes my expectations can get me into trouble.

Since I have given up the control in some of my areas and also expectations, I feel lighter, more at peace, and I feel I can breathe. I did not realize how much pressure I was putting on myself.

So here is my challenge to you for this week… “What will you give up to create the life you want to live?”

Share your journey with me… I would love to hear.



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2 responses to “Control and Expectations Be Gone!

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  2. Sheyan

    oooohhhhhh the fear of lack of control creeps up for me on a daily basis! it can be the simplest things like a bus not coming on time and in my mind I want to control how busy traffic should be. And then there is the larger scale of control of how people should or should not be acting. That is a big one. That leads to expectations just like you’re speaking about in your blog. When this happens that usually leads to feelings getting hurt and toes being stepped on figuratively speaking. It usually means that someone either hasn’t met my expectations or I haven’t met theirs due to a miscommunication because of the initial expectation. I am constantly having to look at this stuff on a daily basis and asking myself where is this fear coming from and why am I having this need to be in control? I do spot checks throughout my day to keep myself in check, I agree with you, it does get exhausting and it is self- serving. When I catch myself in these moments I ask myself what is the purpose, what is it serving, where is the fear coming from, and how can I get out of it to be more of a benefit to others 🙂 Thanks for sharing Lisa!

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